cfii course


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Is the course Boston Certified?

No, none of the courses are certified. However, each has been run multiple times while using Garmin/GPS devices, and are quite accurate at marathon/half distance.

Can I drop to a shorter race during the event?

Yes, but you must do so before the race starts to be eligible for placement.

Is the course chip timed?

No. There is an official clock with which the time is kept, but since the race rarely has over 100 participants, it is quite simple for our staff to keep track of each runner as he/she comes in for each lap, and then gets a final time on the final lap.

Is there a course time limit?

Yes, but it's flexible. For 5Ks & 10Ks - 3 hours, Marathons & Half Marathons - 6 hours, 50Ks - 9 hours, 50 Miles - 13 hours. If you think you need more time, talk to the RD about starting early.

Can I volunteer?

Yes! We're currently looking for volunteers. If you volunteer, you earn a free race for either yourself or a friend. Hours are from 6:00 - 10:00 AM. Please email the race director ASAP.

Is there an early start?

Starting early is usually an option. Please contact the RD to inquire if this is possible prior to race day. However, runners who start at a time other than the start time(s) listed for the event don't qualify for placement.

What is traffic/parking like in the morning?

Since these races are generally small, traffic is never an issue (as it pertains to traffic from fellow race participants- but be sure to always plan ahead for possible traffic issues for other reasons!), and usually neither is parking. No shuttles are ever needed to get to our races. For any transportation concerns, please inquire for the individual race.

What hapens if it rains?

Rain, hail, sleet or snow, we'll be at the start line ready to go. We do everything we can to put on a race in nasty weather but if athlete safety or the venue is threatened by the weather, we may have to cancel. Sorry, there are no refunds due to weather.

Is there a gear check?

You may leave gear at the aid station at the race start, if needed. However, since parking is nearby, most runners leave personal items in their cars. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOST, STOLEN OR ABANDONED ITEMS YOU LEAVE AT RACES.

Can I have friends or relatives run with me without paying for the event?

No, you can't have your friends/family run with you and not pay. Bandit runners are not welcome.