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Online study Course

This all-inclusive study course was developed and is maintained by leading pilot professionals. It includes access to all of the following features:

  • Printable Study Binder

  • 5 Risk Management Lessons

  • 6 Fundamentals of Instruction Lessons

  • 8 Ground School Lessons

  • 6 Flight Maneuver Lessons

  • FAA Checkride Prep Workbook

  • All MEI Checkride Lesson Plans


what is included in the lessons?

Each of the 25 lessons in this study course includes the following:

  • Lesson Video

  • Lesson Podcast

  • PDF File Viewer

  • Post Lesson Quiz

  • Lesson Flashcards


In addition to the study lessons, this course includes many helpful FAA Written Test and Checkride Prep tools. Such as: Printable Checkride Prep Workbook, Full Length Audiobooks, and numerous practice sheets and study guides!


Free Mobile App

Download our free mobile app to access your courses and study "on-the-go."


As a CFI I have always had difficulties with Endorsements and making sure my students are properly prepared to take and pass their Checkrides. That was, until I found wifiCFI and your Endorsement scenarios! Now, all I have to do is click and print. This has been a lifesaver.


Jackson Kilpatrick

Omaha, Nebraska


This is the future of flight training! Online, easy-to-navigate courses, that you can study from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. The industry was in dire need of an update and wifiCFI filled that need with accurate and easy to understand content.


Anthony Hanes

Portland, Oregon


I have already taught your VOR trick to every pilot I know! They always ask where I learned it and I tell them they need to checkout wifiCFI. Thank you for putting these courses together and making them available on your website. I am a better/safer pilot from your courses.


Krista Campbell

Little Rock, Arkansas

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