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Accessing the New CFI Lesson Plans

Updated: May 2

Over 2,000 hand-crafted slides and more than 500 changes/updates, the Checkride Lesson Plans for the new CFI ACS have been released! Watch the short video below to see how to access/download them and to see what we are updating next.

Free Sample Lesson Plans to Checkout:

  • AO2 - Task A: Human Factors - PPT > PDF >

  • AO3 - Task C: Weather Information - PPT > PDF >

  • AO7 - Task B: Normal Approach and Landing - PPT > PDF >

  • AO13 - Task A: Maneuvering with One Engine Inoperative - PPT > PDF >

What is coming up next? Below are the projects/updates we are now working. They are listed in the order that they will be completed and we will keep all of our awesome students informed of the progress!

  • Update the MEI Add-On Lesson Plans to the New ACS (Complete)

  • Fundamentals of Instruction Lessons in the CFI, CFII, and MEI Study Courses

  • Small Updates and Additions to all of the Study Courses (PPL through CFI)

  • Updating and Adding new Lesson Plans to the Teaching Courses

If you have any questions regarding the updates or obtaining the new lesson plans, do not hesitate to reach out to us! You can use the live chat feature on our website or email us at:


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