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Addendums: IFR Airworthiness Requirements

Updated: May 13

On these Addendum pages we post small changes or corrections to lessons that have not yet made it into all of the lessons formats (video, podcast, PDF, and quiz). If there are no updates or changes then we will indicate "None" below. Once these addendums have been added to each lesson element then they will be deleted from this list.

Current Addendums

  1. The Compass Deviation Card is no longer mandatory/required equipment per 14 CFR Part 23/25. However, pilots must be able to understand all of the equipment within their aircraft. That being said, if your aircraft does have a Compass Deviation Card then you still need to know the rules regarding the card and its function.

  2. Advisory Circular 91-67 is not an active advisory circular (it has long been cancelled). However, it was never replaced with an updated version and we believe the information within is very detailed and useful. For this reason, we have included some of it's contents in this lesson.

  3. The FAA recently updated Aircraft Registration durations from 3 to 7 years. This is shown correctly in the lesson PDF but not yet updated in the lesson video.

  4. Additional information has been added to this lesson regarding Transponders and ADS-B. You can find it in the lesson PDF and updated questions in the lesson quiz. It will be added to the lesson video soon.

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