Updated: Jan 3

METAR terminology can be confusing for new and old pilots alike.

Here's what you need to know.


A METAR is a current observation of surface weather for the reporting airport.


KOGD 091753Z VRB05KT 10SM CLR 09/M02 A3032 RMK A02 SLP257 T00941022


KOGD = The station identifier.

This is for the Ogden, UT Airport.

091753Z = This is the date and time (in zulu format) that the report was given.

The date for this report is the 9th of the month at 1753 zulu time.

VRB05KT = Wind direction and velocity.

The wind direction in this report is variable.

The wind velocity is 05 knots.

10SM = Statute Miles of visibility.

The visibility in this report is 10 Statute Miles.

CLR = Sky Condition.

The sky condition in this report is clear skies.

09/M02 = Is the temperature and dewpoint in degrees Celsius.

The temperature in this report is 9 Celsius.

The dewpoint in this report is negavite 2 Celsius.

A3032 = Current altimeter setting.

The current altimeter setting in this report is 30.32".

RMK = Remarks.

Anything following the RMK indicates there are additional remarks for this report.

A02 = Automated reporting station type 2.

There are 2 types of automatic reporting stations:

Type 1 - An automated report without a precipitation discriminator.

Type 2 - An automated report with a precipitation discriminator.

SLP257 = Sea Level Pressure in millibars.

If the first number after the "P" is between 0-5, add the number 10 in front.

Example: SLP257 means millibar pressure is 1025.7.

If the first number after the "P" is between 6-9, add the number 9 in front.

Example: SLP823 means millibar pressure is 982.3.

T00941022 = Temperature and Dewpoint to the tenth of a degree.

In this report the temperature is 9.4 Celsius and the Dewpoint is -2.2 Celsius.


Not all METAR Descriptors were covered in the example above.

Below you can see a breakdown of all the descriptors.

Author - Nate Hodell

CFI/CFII/MEI/ATP - Creator of wifiCFI - Owner of Axiom Aviation Flight School.

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