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Download, Customize, and Print Lesson Plans

Updated: Feb 19

If you would like to Download, Customize, or Print the CFI, CFII, or MEI Checkride Lesson Plans, then you must follow the instructions in the "Getting Started" section of the course. There is no other way.

You cannot download, customize, or print the lesson plans from the individual lesson plan pages. This information is explained in the Course Tutorial Videos and on each and every single lesson plan on the website (see below).

Displayed Information

Where to Locate the Download Section

The Download Tutorial Video

Difficulties Customizing After Download?

If you have downloaded the lesson plans and are having troubles customizing the downloaded lessons, check to make sure the following actions have been taken.

If you wish to edit the PowerPoints and Word Documents with Microsoft Office 365 you will want to make sure you have an Office 365 Account. If you wish to make your edits and customize with Google, you will need a Google Drive account to upload the lessons to before being able to make edits.

The files (when downloaded in bulk) will download as a zip folder. Ensure that you have unzipped the folder and extracted the files before attempting to edit and customize.

If your files download in protected mode, you will be unable to edit them (this is based on your computer settings). However, it is easy to get the files out of protected mode so they can be edited. Follow these steps: Open the Document > File > Info > Protect Document > Enable Editing.


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