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Human Behavior - QT

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Lesson Quicktakes cover the items that should be memorized from each of the wifiCFI Lessons. They do not cover all of the lesson details in-depth.


  • Anti-Authority = “Don’t tell me.”

  • Antidote = Follow the rules, they are usually right.

  • Impulsivity = “Do it quickly.”

  • Antidote = Not so fast. Think first.

  • Invulnerability = “It won’t happen to me.”

  • Antidote = It could happen to me.

  • Macho = “I can do it.”

  • Antidote = Taking chances is foolish.

  • Resignation = “What’s the use?”

  • Antidote = I’m not helpless. I can make a difference.

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