IFR Recency and Currency - QT

Lesson Quicktakes cover the items that should be memorized from each of the wifiCFI Lessons. They do not cover all of the lesson details in-depth.


Actual Instrument Conditions = Any flying that is done in weather conditions less than VFR (VMC).

Simulated Instrument Conditions = This flying can be accomplished in VFR (VMC) via the use of a view limiting device (hood or foggles).


6 = 6 Approaches and a Hold.

6 = Within the previous 6 months.

6 = If not, you have 6 months to get current.

IPC = Instrument Proficiency Check.

When is an IPC required?

If you would like to act as PIC in Instrument Conditions or on an Instrument Flight Plan after your 6 month Currency Grace Period has lapsed.

What is an IPC?

It is essentially an IFR Checkride.

Who can give me an IPC?

DPE (Designated Pilot Examiner).

CFII (Certified Flight Instructor Instrument).

Can I fail an IPC?

No. If your performance is unsatisfactory, you simply will receive more training and re-attempt.

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