Instrument Departure Procedures Lesson by wifiCFI


Instrument Departures are used to safely navigate an aircraft from takeoff to the en-route flight structure.

In this lesson we will examine a departure procedure from KOGD Airport.

The departure example in this lesson is an Obstacle Departure Procedure (ODP).

We suggest studying the ground school lesson entitled “Departure Procedures” prior to studying this lesson.


Chart Symbology as seen on wifiCFI

Airport Name

Departure Name

Airport Frequencies

Pictorial Description

Navigation Aids

Runway Takeoff Minimums

Obstacle Notes

Textual Route Description

How to Fly the Departure

Study example seen on wifiCFI.

Instrument Rating ACS Standards

Establish proper two way radio communications.

Select, tune, and identify the proper navigation facility.

Comply with ATC/Examiner Clearances.

Use correct and proper departure publications.

Establish proper airplane configurations and airspeeds.

Maintain Altitude +/- 100’.

Maintain Heading +/- 10 Degrees.

Maintain Airspeed +/- 10 KIAS.

Maintain Course Deflection less than 3/4 scale.

Explain and use proper flight deck displays.

FAA Sources Used for This Lesson

Instrument Flying Handbook

Instrument Airmen Certification Standards (ACS)

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