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Missed Approaches Lesson by wifiCFI

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Missed Approaches should be initiated anytime the Instrument Landing Criteria of FAR 91.175(c) is not met.

When performing a Precision Approach Procedure, the Missed Approach will be initiated upon arrival at the DA/DH.

When performing a Non-Precision Approach Procedure, the Missed Approach will be initiated upon arrival at the Missed Approach Point (MAP).

A Missed Approach Procedure should never be initiated early (before these points) due to obstacle and terrain clearances.

When performing a Missed Approach a pilot should perform the 6 C’s:


Smoothly apply full power.


Establish climb at Vx or Vy as appropriate.


Clean up flaps and gear.


Open cowl flap as appropriate.


Inform ATC of the Missed Approach.


Sequence the GPS to the Missed Approach Procedure as necessary.

KOGD ILS Runway 3 Missed Approach Example

Arrival at DA/DH and Landing Criteria not met.

Instrument Rating ACS Standards

Initiate the Missed Approach at the correct time with correct procedures.

Report the Missed Approach to ATC.

Comply with the Missed Approach Procedures.

Follow appropriate checklists.

Establish proper airplane configurations and airspeeds.

Maintain Altitude +/- 100’.

Maintain Heading +/- 10 Degrees.

Maintain Airspeed +/- 10 KIAS.

Demonstrate SRM.

FAA Sources Used for This Lesson

Instrument Flying Handbook

Instrument Airmen Certification Standards (ACS)

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