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Mobile App "Unable to Connect" Message

If you are studying your course on the wifiCFI Mobile App and get an "Unable to Connect" type message, it is most likely due to the fact that your device does not have an internet connection. Remember, the app does require an internet connection to access course study materials.

Why does the App require Internet?

The reason is because there is a TON of study content on wifiCFI. Throughout the site there are over: 220 videos, podcasts, quizzes, over 2,000 flashcards, full length audiobooks, hundreds of blog posts, endorsements, and more. If these were all downloaded with your App, it would occupy over 100GB of space on your phone or tablet. Many phones and tablets would not be able to handle such a large download.

What if I am connected to the Internet?

If you are connected to the internet and still experiencing this issue. Please reach out to us at: and we will look into your issue ASAP with our development team.


The wifiCFI Team


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