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Transfer Your Course Progress

Students and Instructors,

All of the courses on wifiCFI have recently undergone updates (as on 6/16/2022). This includes all of the Study Courses, Checkride Lesson Plans, and Teaching Courses. The old versions of the courses will be permanently deleted on 7/1/2022.

What Do I Need to Do?

When you enroll in the new version of your course(s), your progression from the old course will not automatically transfer to the new course. This means that you should open the old version of the course at the link below and manually mark those lessons complete in the new version of the course. Note: the lessons are in the same order in the new course as they were in the old course.

Old Course Links

Use the links below to log in to your Old Course(s) and note your lesson progression (the lessons you have marked complete during your studies). You will need this information to transfer to your New Course Version.

Old Private Pilot Study Courses:

Old Instrument Rating Study Courses:

Old Commercial Pilot Study Courses:

Old CFI Study Courses:

Old CFII Study Courses:

Old Multi Engine Study Courses:

New Course Links

After enrolling in this New Version of the Course, you can manually mark lessons complete that you had completed in the Old Version of the Course.


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