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(Your Email) Can't be Found in the Sharepoint Directory

If you are attempting to access the PowerPoint, PDF, or Word Format Lessons or lesson plans and are receiving an error that states:

"We're sorry, but (your email address) can't be found in the directory. Please try again later, while we try to automatically fix this for you."

Then please follow the steps here to gain access to those lessons or lesson plans.

This error occurs when a person is already logged in to their Microsoft OneDrive Account prior to attempting to access wifiCFI content. This may sound strange (but it is the way Microsoft OneDrive works) but you will first need to LOG OUT of your OneDrive account prior to attempting access.

This is because the content on wifiCFI's OneDrive is shared globally. Meaning, you (your OneDrive account) does not necessarily have personal access to the content. Everyone that has paid has access to the content so it is shared as an open status.


Click the link below to access your OneDrive Account.


Once in your OneDrive Account, click the account icon in the top right corner of the page and select "Sign Out."


Re-click the desired link (from the wifiCFI website or mobile app) to access your wifiCFI content.

Once you have logged out of your personal OneDrive Account, you should have access to the wifiCFI Course Content desired.


The wifiCFI Team


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