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Instrument Rating Workbook

Instrument Rating Workbook


New with Version 4.0:

This workbook now includes an audio reading of the document for you to listen to (instead of just reading). We have also added quick-snap links so that you are able to jump to the various topics with ease.


The all-in-one tool needed to ace your Instrument Rating Checkride Exam! This 77 page workbook covers all of the ACS Subject Areas and helps pilots to study and master the items they should have memorized, not only to pass the Final Exam but also to be a safe and proficient pilot.

The workbook begins with all of the information filled in (the Master Copies) for each ACS Subject Areas. These Master Copies are then followed by Practice Copies of the worksheets that pilots use to "fill in the blanks" and test their aviation knowledge. You can then compare the answers you inserted in the blanks with the correct answers in the Master Copies.

After purchase, you will be able to download/print this workbook and insert it into your own study binder!

The Lessons in this Workbook Include:
- Risk Management Lessons
- Instrument Recency and Currency
- Instrument Preflight Procedures
- IFR Airworthiness Requirements
- Runway Incursion Avoidance
- Aeromedical Factors
- Airplane Weight and Balance
- National Airspace System
- Weather Theory
- Weather Reports
- High Altitude Operations
- Navigation Aids: VOR
- Navigation Aids: DME
- Navigation Aids: GPS
- Magnetic Compass
- Pitot-Static System
- Vacuum System
- Departure Procedures
- Alternate Airports
- En-Route Procedures
- IFR Lost Communications
- Instrument Approach Types
- Instrument Approach Procedures

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