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Teach your aviation students with our intuitive, easy to use, flight syllabi! Complete with ground school lessons, flight lessons, logbook annotations, homework assignments, study tools, and more!

  • Teach Private Pilot Students

  • Teach Instrument Rating Students

  • Teach Commercial Pilot Students

  • Teach CFI Initial Students

  • Teach CFII Add-On Students


Progression and syllabus lessons

Track your student's progression with multiple tools such as: a printable Study Binder, getting student quiz results sent to your email, and our online tracking systems.

Daily syllabus lessons with ground school, flight maneuvers, logbook annotations, and homework assignments.

checkride and
written test prep

Prepare your students to pass their FAA Written Tests and Checkride Exams with: Practice FAA Written Tests, Checkride Workbooks, Endorsements, ACS Standards, and more.


Free Mobile App

Download our free mobile app to access your courses and study "on-the-go."


I always heard that Checkrides were difficult and stressful, mine was smooth and straight forward thanks to the instruction provided by wifiCFI! I would highly recommend their Private Pilot Premium Course to anyone that is serious about flight training.


Jackson Kilpatrick

Omaha, Nebraska


This is the future of flight training! Online, easy-to-navigate courses, that you can study from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. The industry was in dire need of an update and wifiCFI filled that need with accurate and easy to understand content.


Anthony Hanes

Portland, Oregon


I have already taught your VOR trick to every pilot I know! They always ask where I learned it and I tell them they need to checkout wifiCFI. Thank you for putting these courses together and making them available on your website. I am a better/safer pilot from your courses.


Krista Campbell

Little Rock, Arkansas

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